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Proper hand-made fudge that is fashioned traditionally but

definitely not old fashioned!

Our proper buttery, crumbly Surrey fudge is hand-made in very small batches the old-fashioned way with golden West Sussex dairy butter and the finest ingredients. It’s all about the flavour. We don’t do neat and tidy. We do fudge as it should be. A meltingly tasty little indulgence in satisfying chunks and scrummy flavours. 

Deliciously naughty - ... and all Gluten Free! 

Originally an Art Director for newspapers and magazines, fudge fettler

Liz Usher (the Mummy) had always made fudge to her family recipe at Christmas. Branching out into presents for her children's schoolteachers and following pleas for more to help a school fundraising project in 2010, Liz started making more to sell at local fairs and markets and hasn't looked back since.

Using simple honest ingredients all locally sourced with no unnecessary additives to spoil the natural flavours means you're in for an unforgettable taste and texture experience. Buttery, crumbly chunks of handmade melt-in-your-mouth golden deliciousness.

Mummy's Fudge has made appearances in Prince Charles' back garden and with PM David Cameron no less. They're also multi-award winners including five Great Taste Gold Star awards (Salt Caramel Fudge in 2013 and Ginger Fudge in 2014, English Peppermint in 2015, Vanilla in 2016 and Chocolate in 2017). This means Mummy Makes Fudge is now officially a 'Great Taste Producer', meaning you can trust everything Liz makes to taste... great! 

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